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Sun Gates Center

  • Teaching a holistic approach to health and wellness

  • Sharing wisdom and knowledge

  • Promoting spirituality for everyday life

Our Location:

395 E. Dundee Rd, #400 and #500;

Wheeling, IL 60090


Mon - 10am to 8pm 

Tue - 10am to 7pm

Wed - 9am to –7pm

Thu - 9am to 8pm

Fri - 9am to 9pm

Sat and Sun - 10am to 3pm

Call Us: 847.345.0988


Mention "Riverside Plaza's website" when you contact us!

Our Website:

Welcome to Sun Gates Center!


The idea to open a wellness center was born when Sun Gates’ Director, Michael Melikhov started his journey to discover the knowledge of Vedas (Knowledge of Life) and visited India looking for spiritual answers.  Soon after his return, his wife, Rita Bord, was diagnosed with a thyroid imbalance and started her path to healing herself based on Ayurveda – the natural way to health.

Within a short time, Rita had overcome her disease, quit her corporate job, and working to become a holistic health coach.  She studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she was trained in more than one-hundred dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methodologies.  Drawing on a combination of holistic and Vedic knowledge and nutritional science, Rita helps to create completely personalized “road maps to health” that are tailored for an individual’s unique body, lifestyle preferences, and personal goals.


In 2012, Sun Gates Center acquired a Crystal Bed, which has seven extremely clear and highly polished Vogel cut quartz crystals suspended approximately twelve inches above where the client lies face up, eyes closed on a massage table.  The client is fully clothed and will experience the best result if white or light colored clothing is worn.  Each of the seven quartz crystals has been cut to a specific frequency and is physically aligned above one of the seven human energy centers or Chakras.  Colored lights chosen to match the frequencies of the colors associated with the seven Chakras are shown through the crystals, radiating light and energy into each corresponding Chakra of the client's body.  The process is intended to cleanse, balance, and align the client's energies.  Call Sun Gates Center for more information about the "Crystal Bath Therapy" experience.


Sun Gates Center also offers educational/spiritual workshops, yoga, tai chi, personal and group coaching, group meditation, massage, and aura imaging.  In 2018, Sun Gates Center opened an online school for Russian speaking students around the world and an accompanying YouTube channel.


Private healing rooms and large studios are available to rent on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. 

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