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Taking Care Of Body And Mind

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

In our daily lives, we work hard and may suffer from the detrimental effects of stress. Today, when we are worried about the potential for viral illness and additional economic challenges, existing stress has dramatically increased. Stress not only impacts our physical bodies, but it also takes its toll on our minds. Therefore, all of us need to detox ourselves from time to time.

Great ways to detox and relax our bodies and minds are through spa and massage therapy services. And while we realize that at this time, you cannot undertake these services, when the time comes, there are two great places to visit at Riverside Plaza that offer spa, massage therapy, and other personal pampering services. If you are a resident of Wheeling, IL then you should check out two great spots for massage in Wheeling, IL, located in iconic Riverside Plaza.

Sasha G Salon

Sasha G Salon happens to be one of the finest places to get your spa treatment done. They offer high-quality massage and spa services to clients along with beauty services.

They have a European style spa where you can truly relax. After working for a full week, going under a spa treatment can give you unforgettable feelings of relaxation.

Sasha G Salon offers an array of luxurious treatments and services. Here is the list of services you can enjoy at Sasha G Salon:

  1. Body massages

  2. Facials

  3. Body seaweed wraps

  4. Herbal massage

  5. No-chip manicure & pedicure

  6. Keratin hair treatment

  7. Haircut

  8. Makeup

SW Massage Wheeling

Another great massage and spa place in Wheeling that you can go to is SW Massage Wheeling, located in Riverside Plaza as well. They offer a variety of massage services in a warm, friendly environment to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. From the moment you step into their suite, you will be provided with A+ service. If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate our body and mind, then they are an additional great option for you.

Riverside Plaza in Wheeling, Illinois is a retail plaza where you can find a lot of things to do. It is not just a great place to shop, but is also an amazing destination for dining and to experience a variety of services.

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