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The History of Wheeling, IL

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Wheeling is a beautiful town in Illinois, close to Chicago. It is mainly in Cook County, located around 37km northwest of downtown Chicago. The place has a population of close to 39,000.

The place was incorporated in 1894. The number of taverns, inns, and restaurants were established in Wheeling in the 1830s. This was the time when Wheeling saw the rise of its restaurant chains in the town.

This proved to be a very beneficial time for farmers. They took advantage of the fertile soil in the area and established a great transportation network. This allowed them to export crops outside the town. This is how Wheeling became to be known for its landscaping nurseries.

In the 1960s, Wheeling also emerged as an important center for industrial business. A large number of manufacturing plants were established in the town. This brought the rail transportation in the town. It was needed for the shipping of freight from and to the area. This gradually led to the development of residential

Facts of Wheeling

If you are a resident of Wheeling or are going to visit the place soon, then you should go through the facts listed below.

  • Originally, Wheeling served as an overnight stop for Chicago travelers heading to the Wisconsin Territory.

  • The town of Wheeling was turned into a manufacturing center in the 19th century. During this time, the town saw the rise of a large number of manufacturing units within its boundaries.

  • During World War II, Wheeling suffered a huge loss. After that, it revived itself and now the main businesses in Wheeling comprise healthcare, legal services, and education. It also has tourism and entertainment.

Wheeling Illinois

is know for many shopping plazas and a new, beautiful Town Center that has been built recently. The Riverside Plaza, Wheeling, IL is another great sopping and dining desination. This is a place where you can find almost anything you want.

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