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The Taste Of Asian Food

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Every country in the world has a different food taste and philosophy that has existed for decades. Every culture has certain recipes and dishes that serve as their identity. Speaking of which, in this post, we will be talking about the authentic taste of Asian food.

The Asian food is so rich, colorful, and tasteful that we can talk about it for long. Today, let’s talk about Indian and Japanese food! If you have tasted both the cuisines, then you should know how different it is from one another.

Indian and Japanese Food: Health Benefits

Eastern Asian cuisine is mainly made for people who want to explore unique flavors and ingredients. Since Japan is actually a group of islands, its residents eat a lot more fish compared to other Asian countries. They also eat raw fish, plus a lot of pickled, fermented, and lightly baked foods. These foods are considered to be good for health.

Indian cuisine makes use of roasted vegetables and lean meats. They use a variety of spices to enhance the flavor of their dishes. The benefit of eating Indian food is that they contain a lot of vegetables and are also high in fiber. They also make food that contains low saturated fat. To taste the unique flavors of Indian dishes, you must check out Palamaru Grill at Riverside Plaza! This Indian restaurant in Wheeling, IL is famous for serving traditional Indian cuisine.

On the other hand, Japanese cuisine mainly represented by sashimi and sushi. They make use of fresh ingredients including vegetables, fish, and rice. Japanese people prefer their food raw which is often presented beautifully. They eat food rich in protein which is good for our body. For Japanese food, you should check out Wajo Sushi at Riverside Plaza. It is a new Japanese restaurant in Wheeling, IL that specializes in Japanese style cuisine.

From the above discussion, we can tell that both Indian and Japanese cuisines are made of healthy ingredients that help promote healthy body functions. Their cuisines are rich in proteins, vegetables, spices, and flavors that make them also delicious to eat.

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